Thursday, April 28, 2011

Menu du jour at Chez Ciaran

Forgive me, I'm still trying to digest Ciaran's daring culinary exploits and the titillating aftermath. Talk about your 'Naked Chef'!  But I think Michelle has missed the point (so far anyway - ed). By burning the chicken, Ciaran has unwittingly stumbled upon the British version of nouvelle cuisine (a new kitchen? - ed). Call it 'angleterre fare' (I'd rather not -ed), simple, basic, everyday British dishes made with high quality ingredients and getting back to the roots of English culinary arts.
If memory serves me well, 'Iron' Chef Ciaran presented the fair Michelle wth one of England's enduring classic dishes, namely "baked haricots in a rich pomodoro sauce served on a bed of grilled ciabatta avec poivre" (beans on toast).

He could have served a "Chateaubriand reduction in a flavourful beef stock with ancient grains"(Bovril on toast) 

...or treated Michelle to "prime pork slices, grilled to perfection and nestled on a butter-only roux between slices of bakery fresh baguette" (Bacon butty).

...or, how about "fresh farm eggs lightly poached, seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground pepper and set atop a nest of golden matchstick potatoes and garnished with a piquant tomato puree" (Egg and chips with ketchup).  

With 'angleterre fare', the possibilities are endless. On the other hand, maybe the punters prefer to just watch Ciaran walking around in his boxers...

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