Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the playoff edition

Apologies to all Corrie faithful and mea carla, I mean culpa. I have been on a 'business' trip and unable to procure computer facilities until now (pull the other one -ed). As a result, TGIF is a bit late but please rest assured that I was here in spirit if not in blog (get on with it - ed). Anyway, here we go with another round-up of memorable lines from the past week's shows, a little something that I call TGIF (you mean TGIS - ed).

Graeme asks about a photo in Rita's photo album:
"Oh, dear, who’s the drag queen with the beehive?"
(That's no drag queen, that's Bet Lynch)

Julie confesses her national preferences in men:
"I find Croatians very swarthy as a race."
(I'm sure Joe Sakic will be pleased) 

Lewis exchanges flirty banter with Deirdre
"You are a very naughty girl."
(yes, yes ,yes and I suppose she needs to be spanked or something yadda, yadda, yadda)

Mary assures Hailey that her wedding reception idea is not a joke:
"I’m not in the habit of dangling bogus carrots"
(...unless Norris finds root vegetables to be erotic)

Tina tells Norris not to criticize Graeme, given the calibre of Norris' lady friend:
"Scary Mary isn’t exactly a full shilling."
(...and you can take that to the bank)

Steve is threatened by Cheryl's violent husband
"Just relax, Eileen. He only hits women."
(every now and then, Steve gets it right)

Graeme thanks Emily for offering him a place to stay:
"You give Christians a good name."
(well she can't take all the credit)

Norris tries to find Graeme lodging elsewhere:
"Mary, how do you fancy sharing your camper van with a lusty young man?"
(I dunno, let me see the man)


Well, that's it for the week. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back in the saddle next week with more from the Hip. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Sunday omnibus. Cheers!

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