Friday, April 8, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Underworld edition

spoiler alert: this episode makes reference to the April 7 episode on CBC

If you were thinking, "Where will I ever buy substandard knickers with bad stitching now that Underworld has burned down?", never fear. They're back and ready to skive. Nick Tilsley had found a new place to set up shop and it's only a matter of time before the first two-hour tea break gets underway. Underworld 2.0 is almost up and running. Speaking of substandard things, how about another edition of Tony Gordon, It's Friday, our weekly roundup of some of the week's memorable lines? Let's go:

A hungover Graeme gives some sage advice to Audrey:
"Never drink leftover cooking wine"
(...without checking the expiry date)

Liz reluctantly agrees to pass along a gift from Owen (Izzy's Dad) to Izzy:
"We're a pub not a left luggage office"
(although the food sometimes tastes like Samsonite). 

Ciaran makes small talk with Mary:
"You said you went speed dating once. How does that work exactly?"
(She sits down and the guy runs away as fast as possible)

Mary makes small talk with Ciaran:
"...if you think that looks painful, you should see my Chewbacca"
(Not in public please)

(Mary recounts the hardships of her childhood)
"Mother wouldn’t let me watch anything with robots"
(yes, the robots had to leave the room while the TV was on)

Ciaran tries to chat up the lovely Tina:
"So tell me what’s a beautiful girl like you doing all by her lonesome at the bar?"

Potential knicker customer Paul tells Nick he's a bit peckish and wonders about the Rovers' menu:
"And could we get some food? I could eat a rotting fox"
(What a coincidence! Rotting fox is an anagram for 'hotpot'!)

Nick shows Paul he's got that can-do spirit:
"Do you know in China the word for crisis is the same as opportunity?"
(Really? And what's the Chinese word for skiving?)

Well, fellow Corrie lovers, that's the end of another week. I think we're all suffering from a little Corrie letdown after the dramatic Tony Gordon episodes and Gail Platt trial. On top of that I'm a bit upset that Chesney (whom I always thought would excel academically) has skipped some of his GCEs. Oh well. Let's see what happens. Have a great weekend, thanks for your comments and I hope to see you here at the Hip next week. Cheers!

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