Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiz's big Mis-Stape

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 3 episode on CBC

I think Chesney has grasped the essential essence of John Stape when he tells Fiz that El Stapo is "going to screw up."  That's an understatement. One day, Stape is impersonating a teacher. The next day, he's impersonating a furniture salesman. Colin Fishwick is about to return (apparently the Canada thing didn't take - ed) and some aggrieved fella has been snooping around looking to give Stape/Fishwick a fat lip (take a number, pal -ed).

And to think, Fiz actually married this guy while he was in jail! (Kate and William, eat your heart out - ed).  We know this can't go on. Stape will certainly come to a sorry end and Fiz, I'm sad to say, will be heartbroken - again. The one question I have is: why?  Why is John Stape intent on acting like an idiot? (longterm effects of Rosie Webster? - ed).

I just don't get it. His true love sacrifices everything for him. She marries him in jail. They endure taunts and threats when they return to Coronation Street. Fiz restores her relationship with Chesney and Stape even finds gainful employment at Roy's Rolls. They could have had a nice life except...

Stape says he has to teach and poor Fiz goes along with the obsession even if it means lying, identity theft, deception, selling a sofa to the Windasses and living in fear. As Chesney says, Stape seems to get a peverse thrill from "living a double life".  But both of those lives seem to be coming to an end and frankly I can't wait -- although I do feel sorry for Fiz.

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