Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Owen Armstrong & other Corrie builders

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 30 episode on CBC

Well, well. Not since Spiderman dangled upside down in the pouring rain and planted a kiss on the lips of Kirsten Dunst has the viewing public been treated to such a memorable lip lock. I'm talking about Lewis and Deirdre of course, smoldering with passion and all alone in that most romantic of settings: the bookie shop -- with no-one around to record the immortal moment...except a security surveillance camera which Peter mostly uses to scan for loose change and gawk at Michelle's outfits.

But I digress.. let's turn our attention to a newcomer on the street, Owen Armstrong, father of Izzy and cowboy-esque builder who has the unique honour of servicing Carla's... construction needs by rebuilding the burned down factory.

Owen is the latest in a long line of builders who have graced the streets of Corrie over the years. I'm sure I can't remember them all but the memorable ones include:

Len Fairclough: the granddaddy of them all and Rita's true love. Although, like many if not all Corrie builders, Len had a fondness for those two trademark vices of Corrie contractors (tofu & non-alcoholic beer? - ed): women and booze. He had a torrid on and off love affair with Elsie Tanner before marrying Rita.

Len worked with Jerry Booth (one of my faves because he was extremely shy and had a hilarious romance with Mavis at the Kabin) and the notorious Ray Langton , the quintessential 'bad boy' who seemed very attractive to Deirdre who married him (pre-Ken and certainly pre-Lewis).

Then there was the evil & charming Charlie Stubbs whose major claim to fame (besides being a cad) was getting murdered by Tracey Barlow using a blunt object (David Platt? - ed). Charlie worked with our own Jason Grimshaw who eventually worked with ol' Bill Webster (senior builder).

Phew! That's quite a list and I know I've left out several. Historically, most builders have worked hard and played hard. They've been known as much for their ability to hoist a pint as their ability to hoist a beam and they invariably have an eye for the ladies. Owen Armstrong seems to be maintaining that tradition - at least so far...

in case you missed it, a kind reader offered two more Greek-English phrases which might be useful for Audrey Roberts as she prepares for her Greek odyssey. They are:
eisai vlameni = you're an idiot
oi kori sou me poirasoi = your daughter annoys me
thanks again & cheers!

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