Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rosie Webster explains an accumulator bet

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 31 episode on CBC

It seems that ol' Lewis has struck it rich by making a shrewd accumulator bet on the horses (and seducing Deirdre Barlow with a tantalizing lip lock). Now poor Leanne has to cough up £4,000 to the charming con artist. But what exactly is an accumulator bet? Here to help us with her third in a series of edukational articles is Rosie Webster. As you may recall, Rosie has already imparted her unique wisdom on topics ranging from how to wash a car to classical music. She's kindly taken time off from her gruelling schedule of vodka shots and thong shopping to share her expertise with us:

What's an accumulator bet?
Duh! An accumulator or parlay bet is a single bet which is linked on a number of other wagers, and the outcome is dependent on all the wagers winning. I don't know what all those boring words mean but Sophie and Sian found it on the Internet (what is it with those two anyway?)..

What's the big attraction?
Duh, again! Obviously, losers (with a capital 'L') can go to that grotty bookie shop and bet like a quid or something with the hopes of striking it rich (like I did when that perv Stape gave me all that money for being kidnapped). However like it's really, really hard to win. The chances of winning are about as good as me wearing a pantsuit. Boring!

How does it work?
Look, I can't stop here all day answering questions. I have to get dressed (well, undressed really) for work. But it's like a series of really, really unlikely events happening. Like, say for example, that you bet on me going out with that lowlife Graeme Proctor. That's really unlikely right? Well, now multiply something like that by five times, and if by some freaky chance you're right, you'd like win a million pounds or something.

Any last words?
Whatever! I am so out of here.


  1. LOL! You have Rosie down pat!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I hope we see Rosie in a storyline soon. (I never thought I'd say this but I think I'm starting to miss her)