Friday, May 20, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Colin Fishwick Memorial edition

Say it with me: "Colin Fishwick is dead. Long live Colin Fishwick!"

But seriously, what more can John Stape do to ensure that he gets a return ticket to prison? Identity theft, fraud, failure to report a death, break and enter, stealing a carpet... It's a web of deceit and lies which is getting worse all the time. If Charlotte's motor vehicle registration expires, they'll really be in trouble. Oh well, only one thing to do and that's Tony Gordon It's Friday, our award-winning feature which brings you the memorable lines of the week (whether you want them or not -ed). Off we go:

Gail's comment when she sees Audrey with Lewis:
"It must be chucking out time at the brothel"
(...or checking out time at the hairdressers)

Gail again when she sees Lewis snogging Audrey in public
"Do you mind? This is a residential area"
(according to the Weatherfield municipal bylaws, that kind of activity is strictly restricted to commercial or industrial zones)

Audrey gets impatient with Gail's prudish attitude to her Greek getaway:
"Wake up and smell the calamari"
(It's all Greek to Gail)

Sean regretfully deletes Liz's popular profile on the social networking site:
"she had a huge following on the oil rigs"
(drill, baby, drill!)

Sophie tells Sian what she's learned from Rosie:
"If there's one thing I've learned from Rosie, apart from how to dress like a hooker, is that Mom always knows when you're after something."
(and they say Rosie is selfish)

A punter is disappointed by Liz's angry reaction to a bum-pat:
"I poked you last night"
(join the club)

Sean is upset about his minor role as father of Violet's baby:
"happen a turkey baster would have done a better job"
(yes but it would have been rubbish at the pre-natal classes)

Charlotte is freaked out by the sight of a dead Colin Fishwick:
"Close his eyes for God's sake"
(are you talking about Colin or John Stape? or both?)

A drunk Fiz finally finds John Stape after Chesney's party ends:
"Here he is, the Scarlet flaming pimp"
(never a truer word spoken)


Well, fellow Corrie lovers, that's it for another week.  Let's hope the never-ending saga of John Stape wraps up sometime soon and he is dispatched back to the prison where he can re-kindle old acquaintances and leave poor Fiz and Chesney alone to get on with their lives. Hope you have a great long weekend and thanks very much for stopping by and visiting. I'm sure Blanche would be chuffed. Cheers!


  1. My favorite line of the week was when Roy asked Mary if she'd like a punch!

  2. Darn! I completely missed that one but it's definitely a highlight. I'm enjoying the growing animosity between Roy and Mary. At one point Roy asked her if maybe she should abdicate her wedding consultant responsibilities. Mary replied, "you mean delegate?" Roy: "No abdicate" Thanks for the comment, CH