Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Congratulations! It's a Webster.

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the  June 27 episode on CBC

If it's a boy: Kevin. If it's a girl: Kevina. Case closed. Yes, Corrie lovers, the theme of paternity (and maternity) is in high gear on the street. Look at the proud-ish mamas and papas:

Kylie, between taking smoke breaks in the shelter and making goo goo eyes at Private Windass (Windasses' privates? - ed), contemplates how to get custody of her little boy, while preparing for a tag team cat fight  (Grangers v. Liz/Michelle - probably available on pay per view shortly).

Ken is glowing with paternal pride as he discovers the son of a son (wonder if he had a son? - ed).

Tyrone is stuck in a tow truck as Molly grits her teeth and thinks about strangling Sally Webster with some form of killer Kegel exercise. Kev doesn't really want anything to do with the birth of the little nipper even though he probably had a lot to do with the birth of the little nipper.

John Stape is beaming with pride as he looks forward to having a little kidnapping assistant following him around (FYI, 'Colin' is not on the short list of names - ed). And, of course,  Nick is all a-twitter at the prospect of Natasha giving birth and hasn't missed one cliche about pregnancy from food cravings to baby names (only another six trimesters to go - ed). 

I hope Norris has a good supply of new baby cards in stock at the Kabin - could be a real moneymaker.

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