Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social services on high alert

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 30 episode on CBC

the scene:
Weatherfield Social Services offices. Two social services agents are reviewing the details pertaining to Aadi  and Asha Allahan. As they dig deeper, they find disturbing information relating to other children on Coronation Street...

Agent #1: You know the Alahan case?
Agent #2: Yes.
Agent #1: Well, the more I learn about Coronation Street, the more concerned I become about the other kids living on that street.
Agent #2: What do you mean?
Agent #1: Well, take Russ Gray, son of Cheryl. I hear he's been bullying young Simon Barlow.
Agent #2: Hmm. Sounds like we should take action...
Agent #1: Then there's Simon's father, Peter. Looks like he's been ill-treatd by his father Ken. Sent away to live with his grandparents at the age of 6, it says here.
Agent #2: Oh?
Agent #1: And that's not all. Seems that this 'Ken' fellow has been bullying his other son, Lawrence, simply because Lawrence is a homophobe.
Agent #2: Tsk tsk. We should think about placing Lawrence and Peter in foster care while we investigate further.
Agent #1: Yes, but first here's another pressing case on the same street. The Websters, I believe. This one makes my stomach turn. One daughter is forced to parade around the house with a skiimpy outfit with 'Pop My Cherry' written on it. The other has run away, persecuted for pursuing an alternative lifestyle and singing in a groovy Christian choir.
Agent #2: Good God! Are these people animals?
Agent #1: That's just the tip of the iceberg. This fellow, Ashley Peacock also on Coronation Street , has two sons and apparently I'm told he a - quote - 'butcher'.
Agent #2: Let's just make this simple and round up all the kids on the street. I think we'll need a school bus...
Agent #1:  Let's roll.

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