Wednesday, June 8, 2011

David Platt's Beauty Salon

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 8 episode on CBC

Audrey's Salon David Platt's House of Beauty & Hair Stylin' !

Just because Audrey may be headed to that Greek island (what's it? Myxomatosis or summit like that?), doesn't mean you can't look like Afrodite or Zoos. That's right, Audrey's Salon is under new management and things are changing. Stop by soon and check out David Platt's House of Beauty and Hair Stylin'  We've got the style you want today... at the price you want to pay!

Just look at what we offer!

- free haircuts for anyone ripped off by Gran's gigolo boyfriend
- wait times now down to 45 minutes
- blue hair brigade points program (earn valuable prizes with every botched perm)
- complimentary tea and coffee (Hobnobs extra)
- 'mystery' rinse (ask Mrs. Mulligan)
- blow drying extra (or just stick your head in the oven for a couple of minutes when you get home)
- choice of elite Weatherfield stylists: murderer's ex-girlfriend, scumbag's ex-girlfriend or psycho-boy
- soothing background music of baby crying
- half-price haircuts (band-aids extra)
- state-of-the-art hair styling equipment including scissors and combs
- hair on floor swept up once a day (and shipped to Underworld to make novelty knickers)
- New dynamic manager (recent graduate of the Edward Scissorhands Academy of Hair Styling at juvy)
- The David Platt guarantee: "if we shave your head by accident, the haircut's free"
- a free pet haircut with every human haircut by our kennel specialist and former dog groomer, Maria Sutherland
- free shuttle service to the canal (one way only, life jacket not included)

 What are you waiting for? Drop by today, but hurry, these fabulous perks and prices may not last long!


  1. You may be forgetting a salient moment of Natasha history there - murderer's ex-fiance and scumboy's ex-gf, same murderer's ex squeeze cum [all puns intended] same scumbag's ex-gf PLUS psycho boy!

  2. Thanks for the comment. You're right! I am forgetting a salient moment. Natasha and Maria have a lot more in common than I first thought... (well, at least I got 'psycho boy' right). All the best, CH