Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nick Tilsley: Hunk or Skunk?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 6 episode on CBC

On many occasions, I have decried the SHS or Serious Hunk Shortage on Coronation Street so I was prepared to take a 'wait and see' approach when Nick Tilsley (Version 2.0) showed up again in Weatherfield. After all, he seemed to have some dosh, a flash car, a rugged face and that 'almost unshaven look'. Plus he had plans. Big plans. He waltzed into Underworld and made Carla an offer...that she could refuse. (that's not how they do it in the MBA program - ed).

But eventually he wangled his way into a partnership thanks to poor Kelly Crabtree's computer industrial espionage ("I don't do Windows"). So what's the problem?

Well, Corrie comrades, the problem is that Nick is becoming less attractive by the second. Oh, sure, there were some clues along the way. First, he tossed poor Kelly Crabtree aside like a day-old barm cake. Then he... wait for it... moves in with his Mom (Gail Force). Then he is too busy to really get involved in his Mom's murder trial. And, when he does, he does it by stealing a few thousand quid from his boss and paying off a Polish witness to lie in court (she takes the money and runs). Then he takes up with Natasha and borrows money from her to re-start the factory after the fire. But, after a consultation with noted relationship expert Gail Platt, he decides to bin Natasha and play seducto-boy with his ex, Leanne.

Just how bad is Nick? This bad: he actually makes David Platt look good. There, I said it. As for the hunk shortage, well it looks like we're down to just a few good men... and I'm afraid Norris might be one of them.

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  1. Thanks. :)

    Nick is definitely no hunk. The other day even though Peter was being a jerk, I cheered when he hit Nick!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it seems that Nick continues to beat even the lowest expectations of a Corrie male. I wouldn't be surprised if someone else clocks him in the near future (Carla perhaps?)