Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deirdre Barlow has some explainin' to do

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 2 episode on CBC

Oh my goodness! Deirdre Barlow has been caught red-handed (and red lipped! - ed) in the bookie shop on Peter's CCTV tape in a.. ahem.. 'compromising position' with Lewis. How is she possibly going to explain this?  She better think of an excuse... and fast. Here are some helpful suggestions:

"It was an accident. I tripped as I was coming in the door and his lips broke my fall."

"It's a legitimate part of an accumulator bet. The winner gets a big juicy kiss on the lips. Look it up in the bookie's manual if you don't believe me, Peter."

"It was Lewis' way of thanking me for finding a corkscrew (I guess he must be a passionate oenophile!). Yes, Ken, I said oenophile."

"I had no choice. Lewis was threatening to sabotage the article which Ken's writing for the local paper ('a comprehensive history of Weatherfield sewers')"

"Audrey asked me fill in for her while she gets her head examined for making David the manager of the Salon."

"Lewis told me he's an amateur thespian with a boat on the canal... the irony was just too irresistible."

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