Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Natasha Blakeman's pregnancy guide

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 13 episode on CBC

1. Be sure to buy all your maternity clothes from Victoria's Secret.

2. You may find yourself going to the washroom more often (to apply lippy)

3. The first semester is always the worst but by the 10th or 11th semester, you'll be fine.

4. Regular doctor appointments are essential even if the doctor tells you that you aren't pregnant.

5. Remember: you like Richard Branson but you hate Branston pickle.

6. If you feel knackered, it means you're frisky.

7. Only eat curry when no one's around. (you need to keep your strength up)

8. Sign up for pre-natal classes (it's like a free date with Nick) and, even better, guaranteed to annoy Gail.

9. Increased sexual activity is a must. If you get pregnant while you're supposed to be pregnant, it's like winning an accumulator bet.

10. Ultrasound is not the name of a new wave band from the late 70s.

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