Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've had my fair share of Claire... Peacock

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 6 episode on CBC

Feel free to disagree with me on this but I really have had my fill of Claire Peacock. This is an unusual admission for me as I generally find something redeeming, amusing or attractive about almost all of the Corrie regulars (including Norris? - ed). But, when it comes to Claire Peacock, I can truthfully say that she elicits almost no empathy from me.

The first appearance of Claire coincided with the glory days of the Peacock family, when Fred Elliot (Ashley's Dad) was strutting around marrying everything that moved - and regretting it later. The butcher industry was thriving and Ashley was a single father, looking for a caregiver for young Josh. Claire made her entrance as a mousy, earnest and responsible babysitter. At first, there seemed to be some real potential for her character. Eventually Ashley fell in love with Claire (a big step after the violent death of his first wife, Maxine) and, after many missteps and miscues, they got married.

But Claire never really developed the personality or charm of other people on the street. Instead, she always comes across as a harsh, humourless school marm lurching from crisis to crisis. Of course, there was her encounter with mental illness, a severe case of post partum which almost led to the destruction of her marriage. From then on, Ashley has borne the brunt of Claire's brusque agenda from street fetes to enforced vasectomies (ouch! - ed) to swapping houses with the Websters and now her plan to leave Coronation Street.

Of course, being Claire, she presents this as a fait accompli to Ashley, her unilateral solution to the recent incident with the Alahan's son. It's a mean ultimatum that will take Ashley, Josh and Freddie away from the places and people they love. And, if they do move away,  where on earth will Graeme Proctor ever find another job which involves the sanctioned use of large knives? 

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