Tuesday, July 5, 2011

who's been sleeping in my camper van?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 4 episode on CBC

Poor Mary! Some ruffians have made off with her camper van and now the bed is all askew (I think you're missing a consonant there - ed). But just how can you tell when someone's been sleeping in your camper van and using it for their 'pleasure' ? Here's a helpful list of tips:

You know someone's been sleeping in your camper van when...

... the Julio Iglesias CD in your music player has been replaced by a Chemical Brothers' CD

...there are pork scratchins in the microwave

... the Julio Iglesias CDs have been used as coasters for tall bottles of Voddie and lager

... there are leftover kebabs and chips under the pillows

...you find men's briefs (with a camouflage motif) on the bed

... your treasured book of Andalucia gourmet cooking has graffiti sprayed on it

...the radio has been switched over from BBC to Virgin radio

... your mini-shrine to Norris has been desecrated

...your Spanish guitar has been used as an ashtray

... there are signs that someone took a shower - in your sink

... someone drew a Hitler mustache on your precious photo of mother (or was that already there?)

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