Friday, July 22, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the AA edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 21 edition on CBC

"My name's Carla and I have a problem" (she also drinks too much). But seriously, folks, it's supposed to Alcoholics Anonymous not a neighbourhood drop-in centre. First Peter and now Carla. At this rate, they may as well hold their meetings at the Rovers... Ah well, let's get right down to it and do this regular Friday feature which we like to call TGIF (Tony Gordon, It's Friday), your buffet of tasty lines from the past week. (don't forget that Natasha's shrine of lines is in yesterday's post). Off we go:

Gail is adamant that her unethical actions are justifiable:
"I will not apologize for being a good mother"
(Believe me, no apology necessary)

Carla wants Natasha to leave the factory after her outburst:
"Bye Natasha, close your mouth on the way out"
(Too late for that)

Rosie swans into the house after a tough day at the 'office':
"If I had a pound for every guy that pinched my bum today, I could get a boob job"
(That's right, Rosie, aim high!)

Rita doesn't think Graeme is smart enough to clone a credit card:
"If Graeme had another brain cell, it'd be lonely"
(but even a single-celled Graeme brain is better than David Platt)  

Sally assures Sian's parents that she's researched homosexuality:
"There's never been a law against Lesbians - I've Googled it"
(Why? Is she looking for a legal loophole?)

Julie reveals the truth about her former lover:
"My second fiance tried to kill himself once"
(Only once?)

Tyrone brings Jack up to date on Street gossip:
"You know Sophie Webster - she's Lebanese"
(as opposed to Rosie who's from Slappervania)

Rita can't figure out what her work colleague is getting at:
"Do you know anyone who speaks fluent Norris?" 
(yes but the interpreter always falls asleep while translating)

Trevor's had enough of Underworld and Carla:
"I would rather be shifting rubbish, than treated like it"
(back to the bins!)

Here's food for thought: Does Fiz Stape look like Rebekah Brooks (formerly of News Corp in the UK)? Apparently some blogs say yes. Anyhoo, that's it for another week on Coronation Street. I hope you enjoyed all the action and I do thank you all for kindly dropping by and visiting. Thanks also for all your comments. Much appreciated. Have a great weekend and I'll meet you here next week for more of Blanche's Polish Hip.Cheers!


  1. Thank you Corrie Heart. I am really enjoying your blog. I love TGIF and I find myself listening to great lines that I wonder if they will appear here. They always do and many more. That gives me something to look for on Sunday. I totally missed Sally's lesbian law Google search. LMAO

  2. Hi and thanks for the nice comment. This week was a particularly good week for memorable lines (thanks mostly to Natasha). All the best and enjoy the Sunday omnibus edition, CH