Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tyrone Dobbs & Jack Jr.

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Monday July 25 episode on CBC

You know that I love Tyrone, the big lug. And it's not just because of his 'Wayne Rooney good looks' or his 'what's MENSA anyway?' intellect. However, even I can't help but notice that, when it comes to caring for a newborn, ol' Ty is..how you say... worse than useless.

Granted Molly does have a few 'issues' going here (the phrase 'who's your daddy?' comes to mind -ed) and possibly a case of Post Partum (I always thought that was a breakfast cereal like 'Post Raisin Bran' or 'Grape Nuts' - ed), but still, you'd think Ty could help out a bit.

So far the big lug has contributed to the new baby workload by:
- making his own brew
- bringing Jack Jr. into The Rovers (what? no pint of bitter in his bottle? - ed)
- keeping his voice down while Molly has a nap - with the baby
- buying her a magazine from the Kabin
- arranging for Molly's arch-enemies (the Websters) to babysit

After one particular sleepless night Molly asks Ty to stick around for a bit but Ty says he can't -- or he'll be late for work. You'd think that a little paternity leave would be in order at the garage (for who? Ty or Kevin? they're both in the running for dad honours - ed).  And, while it's great to see Jack back at the house, he's not exactly Florence Nightingale (unless Florence Nightingale hung out at the Legion and bet on the horses - ed).

Hopefully Ty will get the message and get more involved in child care before Molly gets totally exhausted or strangles Kev - whichever comes first.

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