Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Jack Duckworth

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 30 episode on CBC

Well, I feel like a real chump. One minute I'm blithely blogging about Jack's 74th birthday bash and the next minute he's gone, passing away in that famous chair in that famous house with the famous stone cladding.
I won't dwell on Jack's long history on the Street because there are sites out there like Corripedia or Wikipedia which can summarize very well his long life and his ups and downs with Vera (not to mention his waste-of-space son, Terry).

When I think of Jack, I think of:

His time as a cellarman at the Rovers when he spent long hours skiving among the barrels.
His dalliance with the incomparable Bet Lynch
His interest in video dating when he made a cheesy video and referred to himself as Vince St. Clair
His abiding love of pigeons (and the time Vera said she had cooked and served him a pigeon pie)
His big (and only) win on the ponies (a trifecta I believe)
His friendship with fellow Pigeon-lover, Connie
His relationship with Tyrone  whom he considered to be his real son

Jack Duckworth, we'll miss you.  

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