Friday, September 9, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the offal edition

All I can say is I'm exhausted! My weak Canadian Corrie stamina can't handle five hours of glorious Coronation Street a week, at least not yet.  As you know this week has been plagued with technical problems here at Corrie Central. First there was there was the equipment problem and then the Internet connection died so our tech intern (Luke Skivewalker) has been running around all week trying to get things sorted.

But I digress. Two main points to make regarding this week. First: When is Ashley going to stand up and tell Claire to shove her charcuterie? Second: why do so many women find Peter Barlow so irresistible? Maybe it's his musky nicotine scent? or his submarine surplus wardrobe? Or his jet setting career?  Anyway, onward with TGIF, our survey of some of the memorable lines from the week. Note: due to technical glitches, it's short, and lines have no doubt been missed. I welcome any additions, oversights etc. Here goes:

Carla guesses that Leanne has been doing some 'joining' with Nick at the Joinery:
"You've not slept with him?"
(Do bacon buttys taste better with brown sauce?)

Roy makes a dramatic announcement in the Rovers:
"Gary Windass has been injured in Afghanstan"
(get well soon, Gary)

Betty reminisces about Jack's skiving in the celllar of the Rovers:
"There's moles spent less time underground"
(but they didn't have to study the racing form for hours)

Sally explains what she's doing at the house with Tyrone:
"I was about to steal your husband"
(funny you should mention that...)

Carla tells Peter not to be surprised by her ability to overcome her drink driving conviction:
"I've had more comebacks than Tom Jones"
(...and she's a sex bomb too)

Professional harpy Claire makes Ashley speak French:
"Avez-vous la chaussure de pomme?"
(Do you have an apple shoe?)

Have a great weekend and if you're planning on watching the omnibus on Sunday, better strap yourself in for a long ride. Cheers and all the best!

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