Monday, September 12, 2011

If it's Monday, I must be Colin Fishwick

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 9 episode on CBC

Well, I think this fabulous idea of sharing John Stape (you mean sharing the pain of John Stape surely? - ed) between two women is going to work out very well, don't you? Charlotte came up with the brilliant scheme so that she could get her share of Stapean wit on a part-time basis while still allowing Johnnie boy to spend quality time with Mrs. Thick as a Plank (Charlotte's pet name for Fiz).

Since John is the best liar in the world, he should be up for the challenge. Wish I could see his agenda...

- It's a 'Colin' day so I'll have to be at Charlotte's after school with a bottle of red and white.
- rent DVD (Inspector Lewis Mystery)
- buy ingredients for pad Thai & creme brule
- tell Fiz I won't be home because I have to meet Colin and tell him to stop sending malicious cards, letters, DVDs etc

- It's a 'Stape' day so I have be at home by 5pm with a kebab takeaway and bottle of orange juice
- rent DVD (Best of Benny Hill)
- buy bag of chips
- snuggle with Fiz on ugly sofa
- tell Charlotte to get out of my life (till later this week)

- Is it a 'Colin' day or a 'Stape' day? 
- Damn, I can't remember. Better play it safe and do 'Stape' in the morning (i.e. lie to Fiz, lie to Peter, lie to Chesney, lie to old Mrs. Fishwick)
do 'Colin' in the afternoon (i.e. meet Charlotte at home, down a pint of pinot & give reluctant hugs)
- note to self: this is doing my head in (Colin's and Stape's)


can't wait to see what happens on the weekend and at Christmas...

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