Friday, October 14, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the Owengate edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 14 episode on CBC

Not since Ocean's 11 have we seen such a groovy heist as Eileen and Julie's basic black burglary. Armed with only a song, the intrepid twosome manage to steal some incriminating evidence to beat back Owen, the nasty builder. Elsewhere on the Street, the news is not so good. John's in the nut ward. Hope is on a ventilator. Fiz is distraught & Tracy is hyperventilating. Peter is rolling along the path of self-destruction and Chris is still giving Lloyd the evil eye. Not much to do except get on with this week's roundup of memorable lines or TGIF. Yeah, baby:

Sally takes a dim view of Janice's prospects for finding a man:
"I thought all your dates were speed dates"
(they do seem to end pretty quickly)

Rosie isn't surprised by John Stape's mental woes:
"You can't spell psychological without psycho"
(I'm sure Rosie can)

Nick is disgusted by Rosie's behaviour:
"You're an attention-seeking little cow"
(don't sugar coat it, Nick. Tell us what you really think)

Eddie Windass' conversation while minding the switch at Streetcars
"What are ya' wearing?"
(I get the same question every time I call Diamond Cab in Montreal)

Julie tells Eileen that her caper is inspired by the move, First Wives' Club:
"I'm Goldie Hawn, you're Diane Keaton..."
(I'm nauseous)

Julie takes issue with Owen's use of the word 'stole':
"Stole is a very ugly word unless preceded by 'mink' "
(or followed by 'second base')

Eddie offers his philosophy to Anna and Gary:
"There's more to life than work"
(...and he should know)

Tracy doesn't want Deirdre to mention her prison record: 
"Can we call it my brief stay in a spa" 
(Sure and let's say the warden is a 'masseuse' and the sauna is 'solitary')

Claudia extols the virtues of her new man:
"He doesn't have half the Brazilian rainforest sprouting out his nose"
(at his age, they call that 'old growth')

Well, my faithful fellow fans, that's it for another week. It's been a strange week on the street with lots of bad news and not much cheer. Let's hope that Fiz can extricate herself from the tangled web of Stape and that poor Gary can pick up the pieces. Here's hoping anyway... Have a great weekend and enjoy the omnibus. Cheers and thanks for stopping by.

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