Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Platt Genome

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 18 episode on CBC

I never had Nick Tilsley/Platt pegged as the maniacal evil genius type. Show-off? Yes. Momma's Boy? Definitely? Big talker? Affirmative. Quasi-Canadian? eh? Commitment-phobe? Can't say either way. The point is, I generally considered Nick to be the "I'm taking my marbles and going home" type of guy rather than the "cold, calculating" type of guy.

It seems that I'm wrong.

Nick seems to have brilliantly masterminded the demise of Peter (that's not really too hard, all you need is a bottle of voddie -ed) and is well on his way to breaking up the happy union of Leanne and Peter -- before they even roll/walk down the aisle. And, Nick is doing all this with an evil grin and a Mr Burn's cackle. One might even say 'Excellent!'

It's almost like David (you know the one with the weedwacker hairdo - ed) and Nick are twin brothers, spawned from exactly the same unholy genetic code (DNA + G&T ? - ed). David used to be the only psycho in town but now Nick's acting like a top-grade manipulative maniac. He reintroduced Peter to alcohol (only took 3.5 secs - ed). He pretended to be Peter's best friend. He engineered the rift between Leanne and Peter and the ouster of Janice. He even caused Leanne to miss Peter's physio session (watch me while I get a leg over! -ed). Now Peter is a mess and Nick is just waiting to pick up the pieces.

It's all going according to plan, a plan reminiscent of David's psycho attempts to win back Tina. Just remind me again? How successful was that? Nick may succeed in winning the battle when it comes to sabotaging Peter, but winning back Leanne? Well, that's quite a different story.

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