Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Frank Foster Parent Plan

please note: this post makes reference to the Feb 22 episode on CBC

Well there have been some strange managerial situations at Underworld but this one really takes the cake (hopefully it will be Julie's 'SO' cake which, by all accounts was actually 'so so' - ed).  Here's the situation. Frank Foster is not allowed to go within 25 knicker lengths of Underworld but he still owns 40 per cent of the business and he's also out on bail.

So ol' Frankie comes up with a brilliant plan. He will send his Mom to Underworld to act as his poxy proxy and protect his interests in the factory. Meanwhile, Carla just got a pep talk from Stella and resolves to get back to work and take back her former glam life. The two (Mom & Carla) collide in the Underworld executive management suite (aka grotty office).

How exactly will this work?

Well, first they'll have to get new business cards made up: "Underworld, please contact Carla or rapist's mom for the best prices and quality in knickers."

Then there's the modus vivendi. How will they run the business? I guess the Foster Mom will meet the clients who believe Frank is innocent and Carla will take the meetings with clients who believe he's guilty. And Mom won't like the work ethic of the staff (there's a work ethic? - ed) and the fact that a typical day at Underworld is essentially eight hours of tea and biscuits punctuated by short breaks for work.

And the workers? (we use the term loosely - ed) How will they react to being bossed around by Mom Foster. My guess is they won't like it but this dysfunctional management duo will certain divide the workers according to their personal views on Frank Foster and Carla. Underworld is certainly headed for that thing that business people hate the most: interesting times.

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