Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coronation Street: prepare yourself for evil twins

please note: this post makes reference to the Feb 20 episode on CBC

Well, just like a scene out of the Exorcist or the Blair Witch Project , we learn the terrifying news (thanks to a proficient ultrasound technician at the Weatherfield General): Tracy Barlow is not just pregnant with one demonic sprog - but two!

I can see the plot lines forming already as the terrible tots terrorize the Street making Terry Duckworth look like Mother Teresa. But I digress. I suppose we shouldn't be all that surprised. Twins were always a possibility. After all, on the McDonald side, Steve has a twin brother (the non-ubiquitous Andy). And, on the Barlow side, Peter and Susan are twins but, of course, that's academic because Tracy is not technically a Barlow (I'm surprised that Ken's prolific DNA didn't find some way to get involved -ed).

As they say, this changes everything. For starters, where will they all live? At the Barlows? That place is stuffed to the rafters with humanity as it is, what with Ken's endless stream of sprogs dropping in. Then there's the whole question of cash (evil twins are costly) and what about babysitting?

Then there's the dear old dad. When ol' Steve gets his head around this nightmare on Coronation Street, he might just join his Dad in the slammer. At least he'll get some peace and quiet.

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