Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kidnap made me feel sexy - Rosie Webster's sequel

please note: this post makes reference to the March 7 episode on CBC

So everyone is upset with Rosie. Just because she shared intimate details about the Webster family with the local newspaper. Just because the lurid story has the headline 'KIDNAP MADE ME FEEL SEXY' (isn't that a Justin Timberlake song? - ed).  Just because she posed for a photo in handcuffs.

Is that all?

(Er, no. She also gave out details about Sally's battle with cancer. She revealed to the world that her sister is a lesbian - ed). 

Well, that's not so bad...

(Hang on. She also gave a nice summary of Kevin's affair and lots of information about the illegimiate offspring: Baby Jack. Plus the sordid details of her kidnapping ordeal which, according to the headline, made her feel sexy - ed).

Hmm. Well, okay, this is bad news and the Websters are understandably angry with Rosie. Me? Well I'm not that surprised that Rosie pulled a stunt like this to further her career. After all, she's done it before. As I recall she shared her kidnapping ordeal with the tabloids after John Stape kidnapped her the first time (it's like a Star Wars prequel with fewer death stars - ed). In fact, I even remember posting something at the time.

So while Rosie's recent media stunt may be embarrassing and foolish, it's hardly new. It's just tabloid history repeating itself.

(Oh, and by the way, why is Sian wearing gold DVDs on her ears instead of earrings?  - just asking)

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