Friday, March 30, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the catfight countdown edition

please note: this post makes reference to the March 29 episode on CBC

Loyal readers may have noticed the catfight countdown clock at the bottom of the last few posts. We here at Blanche's Polish Hip like to think we're at the forefront of low-brow, high tech and so, thanks to our tech intern Luke Skivewalker, we are proud to present this innovation. Oh sure it's tacky and yes, our lawyers (Slingya, Hooke & Bard) have already advised us to remove the offensive clock - but they're off at the golf course today so what the hay. Anyhoo, let's get down to it: our weekly selection of quotes called TGIF:

Norris overhears Lloyd, Stella and Karl at the Rovers:
"My antenna is twitching"
(perhaps you should see a doctor about that)

Peter's father wants to know why Peter went AWOL:
"My name's Ken and I'm livid"
(perhaps you should see a doctor about that)

Karl finds out about Lloyd's pass at Stella and expels him from the Rovers:
"You're barred!"
(Lloyd should feel honoured. He joins an exclusive club)

Simon doesn't understand why Steve is intoxicated by the yule foliage
"Who wants to smell like a Christmas tree?"
(I believe Dennis used to)

Norris explains the biggest challenge in decorating a Christmas tree:
"Getting the correct balance between tinsels and balls"  
(yes, a lack of balls may certainly be a problem)

Becky can't believe that Tracy would lie about the cause of her miscarriage:
"You're an evil, evil cow" 
(did I mention the word 'evil'?)

Kylie tells Gail she's found some recipes in one of her magazines:
"Menopause Monthly or whatever you call them"
(subscribe now and receive a free mood swing)

David questions Kylie's culinary skills:
"You put bacon in the toaster"
(you're lucky she didn't throw in a couple of eggs and a sausage)


Well, ardent aficionados of Corrie, that's it for another week. Christmas (on Coronation Street) is just around the corner and who knows what surprises it will bring. And, just before I go, can I just say that on the scale of planks, Steve Macdonald is right up there. Don't get me wrong, he can be lovable but he really doesn't have a clue. Ah well. have a great weekend, enjoy the omnibus and thanks so much for visiting. Cheers and meet you here next week.

Official Coronation Street Catfight Countdown Clock™

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