Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Au Revoir Jim Macdonald, Andy Macdonald, Ashley Peacock & Claire Peacock

please note: this post makes reference to the April 2 episode on CBC

Corrie-wise, it's more of the same. Steve's a plank. Nick's a commitmentphobe. Becky's on the skids. Tracy's evil. Sylvia's back. Peter's doing the two-women-at-once thing (again? - ed). The only news here is Sylvia's creamed spinach with parmesan. Sounds yummy.

But let's divert our attention from the Street for one day to say a fond farewell to the fab four, otherwise known as: Jim Macdonald, Andy Macdonald, Claire & Ashley Peacock who are scheduled to make their final appearance tonight in Niagara Falls at the Greg Frewin Theatre. The show is called "Tales From the Street" and believe me when I say these four Corrie stalwarts have had one heck of cross-Canada tour.

I counted 23 shows in 21 cities scheduled over some three weeks from Edmonton to Montreal. Last weekend alone, they were in Sarnia, Lindsay and Mississauga. Now, unless Jim decides to go over the falls in a barrel or Ashley opens a butcher's shop in Buffalo, they're scheduled to leave Canada so Claire can resume her secret life in France hiding from authorities (because she hammered Tracy), Andy will get back to bartending duties in Spain and Jim will resume residence in the Big House (so he will).

As for Ashley, well he will no doubt go to the place that all Corrie stars go when they are written out of the show (Downton Abbey? - ed). No, not that place, the other place (Canada? - ed). Never mind, let's just say a fond farewell to the fabulous four and, if you have any anecdotes, stories or recollections from attending "Tales from the Street" in your city, why not post them in the comments section and, if I get a few, I'll put them all in a future post.

Till then, it's au revoir (so it is)
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