Friday, March 23, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the stroppy cow edition

please note; this post makes reference to the March 22 episode on CBC

Here at Blanche's Polish Hip, everyone from Gordon Tony (our accountant) to Luke Skivewalker (our tech intern) has an opinion about the characters on the Street. Just yesterday our receptionist (Abbey Downton) was loudly complaining about Tina McIntyre. "I can't stand her," she said. "She's such a stroppy cow."

It's true. Tina's got the hunkiest, most desirable guy on the Street (Dr. Carter) and all she can do is complain and throw a beer in his face because he wants Tina to achieve her potential (how dare he, the cad! Tina has as much right as anyone else to be a waste of space -ed). With that in mind, it's time for our weekly look-back at some of the week's lines with TGIF or Tony Gordon, It's Friday.

Frank Foster's mom chides her son:
"I brought up a Neanderthal."
(that's certainly what they say over at Underworld)

Nick tells Eva that Gail is a social climber:
"She'd wear crampons to a cocktail party"
(ain't no mountain high enough...)

Sally complains about Sophie:
"For a born-again, lesbian, Christian, you haven't half got a one-track mind."
(Contact the Born Again Lesbian Christian Organization of Northern Youth (BALCONY) for more info)

Rosie doesn't like Sally's attitude toward Sophie and Sian:
"Mom, don't be so lesbophobic"
(yeah, there's nothing worse than a lesbophobe)

Frank criticizes his Mom's attitude:
"Stalin was more forgiving than you"
(and skiving is the opium of the masses I suppose)

Julie extols the virtues of Brian's cooking:
"Don't get me started on his dough balls"
(duly noted)
Peter reflects on the fate of a mate a year ago:
"He was a good man, Ashley"
(yes, that's why he's on tour in Canada)


Well, Corrie lovers, that's it for another week as Peter is on the brink of another fall from grace and, perhaps more disturbingly, there's someone named Oliver working at Nick's Bistro (who dat? - ed). Last night the 'Tales from the Street' Coronation Street tour was in Winnipeg and tonight... it's the Grand Theatre in Kingston and then Ottawa on Saturday. The Rideau-Carlton Entertainment Centre will never be the same (so it won't). Enjoy! Nice to have you visiting the Hip this week and have a great weekend.

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