Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gail Platt: electronic health records consultant

please note: this post makes reference to the April 18 episode on CBC

A very kind reader was wondering why I had not posted for so many days. In fact, I have been preoccupied with family matters (he's actually telling the truth - ed) and away from my command post at Corrie Central in the heart of Montreal's quaint pothole district. I apologize for the prolonged absence. But, on the bright side, I did tune in last night to discover some unsettling facts:

1. We're back to 30 minutes per night, a 50% reduction in Corrie content from what we were used to. Is this because of the playoffs or are cuts to the CBC more serious than we thought? I'll get my crack team of investigators on the case pronto and find out.

2. It looks like Gail Platt has found herself a new job. She should put down that mop and pail, stop cleaning the lav at Nick's Bistro and become an electronic health records consultant. She could make a fortune helping health authorities around the world optimize the deployment of electronic health records and she could utilize her training experience to assist health care professionals.

Just look at how quickly she was able to train Becky Granger on the system down at the clinic. Before you can say "violating patient confidentiality",  Becky was able to:
- use Dr. Carter's computer system (BTW, any screen savers of the doc in Speedos rowing his way across the canal?)
- pull up a file on the screen
- assess the information 
- print out the file
and use the electronic data to assure the efficient, safe and timely health outcome of a patient
and get the goods on that evil cow, Tracy Barlow.

Talk about a skill set!  If you need to snoop on your son's girl friend or exact revenge on the evil slag who tried to stitch you up in jail, look no further than Gail Platt, Electronic Health Records expert. Call 1-800-REVENGE and learn how to get EHRs working for you!

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