Friday, April 20, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the downladen edition

please note: this post makes reference to the April 19 episode on CBC

Well, slowly but surely, I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I must say it's been a while since we had a wedding on Coronation Street. So it's very nice that ol' Steve is getting hitched to the bride of Satan Tracy. Too bad Peter can't fulfill his best man duties due to a legover with Carla an unfortunate auto breakdown. Still, the show must go on and, whom God has joined. let no man or electronic health record put asunder (at least not until the reception at the Rovers - ed). On to a few tasty nuggets from the past week:

Tracy declines Steve's offer to carry her over the threshold of their new house:
"I can think of a million better ways to throw your back out"
(leaning down to pick up divorce papers?)

Kylie tries to convince Gail to help access Tracy's health records:
"We wont grass you up"
(that's very reassuring)

Notice on the window of the Rovers:
"Private function"
(but let's hope the argy bargy is public)

Sylvia wants Sophie to explain Internet-based phone service:
"What exactly is Spike?"
(It's like Skype only spelled with different letters)

Becky can't believe Steve is fooled by Tracy's story:
"You are so brainwashed"
(must be that haircut of his)

Sylvia triumphantly proclaims her low cost, hi tech way of talking to Milton:
"I have downladen Skype"
(taketh that Royston Cropper, forsooth she is surfing yon Internet)

Becky explains to Kylie why she is waiting to reveal Tracy's lies:
"Revenge is going to be so much sweeter once he's chained to that cow"
(so I'm guessing you won't be catching the bride's bouquet?)

Well, fellow lovers of Corrie, that's it for another week on the street. I must confess that I used to find one hour of Corrie a little long (at times) but now I find that 30 minutes is too short. There's no pleasing some people. Have a great weekend and I will return next week. Cheers!

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