Monday, May 14, 2012

Coronation Street Drinking Game

please note: this post makes reference to the May 11 episode on CBC

That was an interesting scene between hunky Dr. Carter and Audrey (+ Gail). Audrey is in for a visit because she had a fainting spell and Gail, well Gail's there because she's Gail. Anyhoo, Dr. Carter is asking a few innocuous questions when the topic of drinking comes up - specifically Audrey's weekly alcohol intake. Is it 13 units a week? 15 units a week? More?  (If, by units, you mean Rovers' inventory, then yes - ed).

The quantity of alcohol consumed on the Street is something I've wondered about for quite a while. I even had this naive notion that I would count the number of alcoholic beverages consumed during Corrie episodes over the course of a week -- but I lost count and gave up.

But let's take guess, for fun. Let's see, Rovers is open for lunch and for after work-happy hour-after dinner-evening hours.  Then, of course, there's all those bottles of wine purchased from Dev's which are consumed at home. With that in mind, let's take an average punter or punterette.

He may have a pint at lunch in the Rovers, a couple more pints after work and a half bottle of wine at dinner. That's like nine units (give or take) in one day!   Now multiply by 7 days in the week and you get 63 units!
Holy Mackerel!  No wonder Gail and Audrey are having a contest.  Let the best woman win!

Speaking of drinking games. This blog in no way endorses the consumption of alcohol while watching Corrie however I have heard that they are a number of Coronation Street drinking games out there.

1) The Me-too drinking game: Every time someone on the Street has a drink, you have a drink. When someone buys a round, you have two drinks (WARNING: this can be hazardous to your health)

2) The Productivity drinking game: every time someone at Underworld actually does some work (i.e. sews a pair of knickers), you take a drink (WARNING: you could die of thirst playing this game)

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