Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Peter Barlow personality test

please note: this post makes reference to the May 1 episode on CBC

Judy at the Tim Horton's made an astonishing admission yesterday (the 'small' coffee has become a  'medium' coffee and the 'medium' is now a 'large' ? - ed). We were discussing Peter Barlow and she said she liked him, partly because the actor who plays him (Chris Gascoyne) is so good and partly because "he is a deeply, unabashedly flawed" person. I didn't have time to continue the conversation because there were several antsy punters in line waiting for their fix of Timbits and double doubles, but it got me thinking (that's a first - ed).

After all, we're all flawed but how do we know if we're "deeply" flawed? Here's a quick quiz designed by the reputable International Association of Skiving Psychologists (IASP). Please answer the questions as honestly as possible:

1. At least once in my life I have..
a) thought about bigamy
b) read about bigamy
c) committed bigamy

2. When it comes to alcohol, I occasionally like...
a) a glass
b) a bottle
c) all of it

3, I go to church...
a) often
b) rarely
c) only to humiliate Leanne in front of a crowd because she had a legover with Nick

4. I would never entertain thoughts about killing anyone..
a) because that's wrong
b) because I'm too busy playing away
c) except Nick Tilsley and Frank Foster (and possibly Norris)

5. I think extra-marital affairs are...
a) wrong
b) inevitable
c) difficult to conceal

6. My idea of a perfect date is...
a) a romantic, candlelit dinner
b) a long walk on the beach
c) orange juice at the Rovers and a secret legover
d) lying to my wife

7. Submarines are filled with...
a) tattooed submariners
b) Ciaran and lads
c) broken dreams and hollow, empty souls
d) seame..(that's quite enough -ed)

8. Every now and then I step outside the bookies to...
a) have a cigarette
b) take a break from work
c) have it off with Carla

If you answered 'c' or 'd' to five or more of these questions, you may be deeply flawed like Peter Barlow... or related to Peter Barlow.

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