Friday, May 4, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The healthy lunch edition

please note: this post makes reference to the May 4 episode on CBC

Frank beat the rap. Milton is being American. Steve is playing (1/2) house with Tracy. Peter and Carla are wearing the scarlet letter on the street (that's 'cause their love life is a red rec - ed). Nothing for it but to recount some of the memorable lines of the week. However, please note that I missed Thursday's episode (I was on the road) so if you have any lines you'd like to pass along, please do.


Stella has a few choice words for Peter now that she knows the truth about the xmas gifts:
"I should have taken that necklace and shoved it down your throat"
(I guess that's why they call it a choker)

Leanne suddenly clues into Peter's lies - like the time he said he was going away for the night to invest in a greyhound:
"You were going to see a dog"
(no comment)

Milton has a brilliant idea for a new theme restaurant:
"Beef encounter"
(hey how about "Meat me in St Louis" or "Dressed to Grill"?)

Frank's lawyer take a dim view of how Carla deployed Maria at Underworld:
"Using her as sexual bait"
(Well, Frank certainly went for it hook, line and sinker)

Carla's lawyer is skeptical of Frank's account of that fateful evening:
"So she initiated sex and sent you out of the flat"
(that's how it usually goes with Frank, sometimes he even gets sent out of the flat before sex is initiated)

Frank tries to explain Carla's bruises to the court:
"Carla and I had a very passionate sex life"
(as will you when you finally get sent to prison)

Milton has grand plans for his/Roy's new theme restaurant:
"Beef encounter will be bigger than Mcdonalds"
(Roy's not lovin' it)

Brian brags to Julie about his success with the school governors:
"I was like Barack Obama"
(More like Richard Nixon I would say)

Rosie explains to her boyfriend why the media is interested in her:
"Jase I'm a celeb. Everything I do is news"
(wait, I have to tweet that)

Well, connaisseurs of Corrie, that's it for another week. Frank and Sally are reaching new heights of obnoxious-ness as Frank enjoys his 'not guilty' verdict. Simon is 'acting up' in school (small surprise) and Rosie may be part of a reality TV show (good casting). Now this I've got to see. Have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by and all the best. Here's hoping you come back next week for more Hip. Laters.

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