Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coronation Street exclusive: men are rats

please note this post makes reference to the June 25 episode on CBC

what you need to know: Anna is not impressed by Owen's attempts to buy her affections (but Faye is), Peter storms out of the custody mediation meeting but softens his approach later, Tommy and Tina finally get together, Sunita continues her bizarre 'friendship' with Karl, Stella throws Karl out due to his lying, gambling, thieving ways.

I was talking to our cafeteria lady, Sue Vide, and she said the conclusion she had reached after many years of watching Coronation Street is that men, in all their glorious forms and incarnations, are er.. scum. Now it's true that Sue has a bit of baggage in that she has dated her fair share of jerks (you mean like Terry Duckworth - ed) but I'm afraid she might be right. Just look at the evidence in last night's show.

Exhibit A: Karl Munro, gambling addict, liar, thief, devious fellow. He's left Stella up her eyeballs in debt and she only finds out because a bailiff comes calling. Small wonder she told him to sling his hook.

Exhibit B: Peter Barlow, alcoholic, deadbeat dad (when drunk), adulterer, bigamist, submariner, bookie. Leanne is still mad as a hornet about him. Small wonder when she has to gaze upon him swanning around with the Black Widow er.. I mean Carla.

Now, Sue had many more examples to offer but you get the point. And, she says that even when the men are good, they are somehow bad. Take Graham Proctor. Nice lad and all but he did basically dump Tina for Xian. And Tyrone, who is a lovely lad, allows himself to be taken advantage of by a nutty policewoman and shuns his friends.

Why is the role of the archetypal Corrie male so unfailingly bleak? "Because men are rats," says Leanne. Ah, I knew there was a good answer. And, Ms. Vide in the cafeteria, agrees 100%.


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