Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Fantastic Brenda edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 22 episode on CBC

what you need to know: Paul and Eileen have taken Leslie to a care facility, Leanne and Peter are at odds over the custody of Simon, Karl's gambling problem is out of control and he fakes a burglary at the Rovers to get money, Sally wants to buy Frank's portion of Underworld, Tommy's granddad has died and Tina is helping him through his grief, Dev (the oaf) goes on vacation solo with the kids, Tyrone's strange girlfriend freaks out (again) at poor Ty.

A European bankruptcy crisis, insurmountable debts, creditors and banks impatiently awaiting a financial solution.. No, I'm not talking about Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy or Portugal. I'm talking about another unfortunate casualty in the Eurozone (adjacent): Karl Munro. This guy's up to his eyeballs in it and I don't believe that Stella will be Karl's angel or even his Angela (Merkel).  The fact is Karl's got a little gambling problem and he should ask Peter Barlow if they have a gamblers anonymous session scheduled right after the AA meeting.

Ah well, damn the torpedoes and let's have a few lines from the week that was:

Audrey has a few choice words about Gail:
"She will stop at nothing to satisfy her own selfish agenda" 
(if, by her own agenda, you mean cleaning the toilets at Nick's bistro, I guess you're right)

Deirdre is not impressed by the fact that Ken walked out and spent the night at Steve's:
"So you're not dead in a ditch then"
(or alive on a barge...)

Marcus insists that young Liam has a small but significant role in the school's Easter play:
"Three words can change the world"
(what are they?)

Steve awakes to the sight of Ken Barlow wearing a silk housecoat:
"Nice kimono"
(wait till you see his evening wear)

Tracy tells Steve she doesn't like Amy being with Leslie:
"She's knitting with one needle"
(she's still twice as productive as Tracy)

Ken objects to the pejorative term "Fat Brenda" and suggests an alternative to Steve:
"Fantastic Brenda"
(while we're at it, how about Pedantic Ken?)

Kylie sums up Audrey's romantic situation:
"Love is the drug, Lewis is crack"
(hey, send those lyrics to Roxy Music)

Fiz tells Maria she's impressed with Marcus' child minding skill:
"Why can't they make straight men like that?"
(they've tried Fiz, believe me, they've tried) 


Well, fellow faithful Corrie followers, so ends another week on the street and we're steaming along at our pre-playoff rate of one hour per night. Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by. All of us here at Blanche's Polish Hip wish you a wonderful weekend and we look forward to welcoming you back here at the Hip next week. Cheers!

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