Friday, June 29, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Betty Turpin edition

please note that this post makes reference to the June 28 episode on CBC

what you need to know... the sad news of Betty Turpin's death is revealed by her son, Gordon; Tommy meets his Terry, his notorious father; Leanne is secretly seeing Simon against Peter's wishes; Audrey is advised to stay away from her salon with a harassment warning from the police.

We knew this day had to come but that didn't make it any easier when it happened. The inimitable Betty Turpin passed away and the Street is in mourning. Betty was one of a kind, an original and a wonderful barmaid at the Rovers for many years. If you want to learn more about Betty, there are many articles on the net (just search for 'Betty Turpin') and several obituaries including this one from the BBC . And, as someone we love leaves the show, someone we don't love returns... in the person of a rather large Terry Duckworth. Well, well, let's do that thing we like to call TGIF, a round-up of some memorable lines from the week:

Leanne tells Stella she knows the precise anthropological reason why Karl deceived her:
"Men are rats"
(...and women are from Venus)

Kevin tells Sally the difference between males and females:
"We have disposable razors, you have disposable income"
(and babies (like your love child) have disposable diapers)

Stella talks about how Karl droned on and on about his prized football jersey:
"He used to bore me rigid"
(Funny, Sunita seemed to have the same effect on him)

Kylie gives David's hairstylist boss a piece of her mind:
"One more word from you, I'll shove that brush up your nose"
(his nose hairs could probably use some combing anyway)

Sunita expresses what the Street feels about Betty:
"Everyone loved her"

Tyrone tells Tommy who just hit him:
"Tommy, this is your Dad"
(think of it as your Darth Vader moment)

Norris reminsces about Betty:
"She once called me an interfering weasel"
(only because she meant it)

Kevin chimes in with his own ode to Betty
"I can vouch for her hotpot"
(It certainly maintained Kev's libido over several decades)

Ken sums it up with a toast in the Rovers
"To our Betty!"
(Here, here)  


Well, that's it for another week. I hope you had a good week and I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day weekend. Enjoy the Sunday omnibus and thanks for stopping by. Meet you here next week for more of the hip. Cheers!

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