Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The fall and rise... and fall... of Sally Webster

please note this post makes reference to the July 2 episode on CBC

what you need to know... Betty's send-off continues with much reminiscing and toasting in the Rovers, Sean is bequeathed the sacred hot pot recipe and he's nervous, Tommy is in partnership with Terry and finds himself up against a Street-wide protest against Terry's proposed strip club, Peter adds Ken to the list of people banned from seeing Simon, Sally loses her big chance to become a part owner of Underworld, Audrey has a health crisis due, in part perhaps, to the ongoing aggro about the salon.

Judy at the Tim Horton's can't get enough of Sally Webster. While serving a batch of iced cappuccinos, she told me that everyone knows their own Sally Webster,  someone who constantly strives to succeed partly by acting superior to others -- only to inevitably face their come-uppence.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of Sally's life. Sally has thrown her energy into being better than other people and each time she is undone by her own hubris. There are many examples - like when she insisted that Rosie attend a posh private school to receive the best education (look how that turned out. Rosie's now a dramality star - ed). There's also her affairs with fellas like Ian Davenport (the oily car dealer), Kevin's widely-publicized affair with Molly and subsequent love-child™ and, most recently, her ill-fated liaison with Frank Foster which, given the nasty things which Frank said, was surely the nec plus ultra of humiliation.

But wait, there's more.

Sally decided she was going to buy Frank's shares in Underworld and become a partner with Carla. Last week, she was swanning around the factory, sharing 'great' ideas with Carla and generally acting the "Big I am"  You just knew she was headed for yet another fall -- and she was. Frank's shares were left to Carla. Sally's dream of being a boss is gone amid snickers on the factory floor.  We really don't wish her any ill will, but could she just, once in a while, stop looking down her nose at everyone.

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