Friday, June 15, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the filicide edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 14 episode on CBC

what you need to know: Leanne and Peter are at odds over the custody of Simon, Sunita tries to talk to Carl about his gambling problem,  Sean convinces Tina to get together with Tommy,  Kylie is having second thoughts about home schooling Max, Frank's funeral takes place, Sally trips and hurts herself after hearing Ann's confession, Carla confronts Ann about the murder of Frank and Kevin comes to the rescue as Ann wields a knife...

The technical term for it is filicide although I stubbornly cling to my theory that it could have been Norricide. But either way, the cat is out of the bag and, once again, Carla is in serious peril (for a woman that has suffered so much trauma and so many nutbar lovers, she seems remarkably composed). But I digress. Let's sum up the week with a little thing I like to call TGIF or Tony Gordon It's Friday. Lay it on me:

Beth tells Julie that Eileen's relationship with Paul and his wife is fair game:

"Hey it's not me that's shacked up in one of those menageries"
(the term is menage a trois and at Eileen's house, the menage is actually bigger than trois)

Carla confronts Mrs. Foster:
"Your son was evil"
(I thought he was Frank)

Julie defends her beau to David and Kylie:
"My Brian's not a porker"
(but he does bring home the bacon)

Mary accosts Julie about the moral implications of her unborn child:
"Your pregnancy and over population are two horns on the same goat"
(that sounds like one horny goat)

Julie suspects Kylie's involvement with the contraband junk food:
"Do you think she was behind that pasty?"
(Kylie's thin but not that thin)

Carla to Sally who tries to prevent her from attending Frank's funeral:
"I didn't think they had bouncers at crematoriums"
(they do but I hear they don't urn much)

Ann makes a terrible confession:
"I killed my own son" 
(someone call DC Nash and tell him to put a revolving door on the interview room)


Well, fellow Corriephiles, the week is almost over and the mystery is solved. I don't know about you but I found the whole Frank murder plot a tad contrived. It's not my favourite story line but then, what do I know? The important thing is that Corrie is back to one hour each weekday night. Hope you have a grand weekend and if you're an omnibus watcher, enjoy the Sunday spectacular. Thanks for the comments and all the best.

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