Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coronation Street schedule change: the hour of power is back

please note that no spoiler were used in the preparation of this post

It's like a kind of seasonal time change for Coronation Street lovers. Tonight, please set your Coronation Street recording devices (I still prefer wax cylinders - ed) for one half hour longer in order to capture the glory that is one full hour of Corrie every weeknight.

That's right punters and punterettes. This means that, effective June 14, Coronation Street on CBC will go back to it's pre-hockey playoff schedule of one full hour from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the East, but please check your local listings for the correct times in your area.

What it also means is that Canadian Corrie fans will resume the inexorable journey towards that seemingly unattainable goal: episode timeline parity with the UK!  Think of it. Sometime in the not-too-distant future we will actually be up to date with Coronation Street. We will no longer be six months or three months - or whatever it is - behind.

So buckle up, get your plate of chocolate digestives ready, pour yourself a nice cuppa and put your feet up. It's going to be an hour of power starting tonight.  


  1. That certainly was "an hour of power", eh?

  2. Yes, quite an action packed hour. I'm glad we got to see the back to back episodes in one shot although I missed the very end bit because (can you believe it!) my DVR stopped recording (pilot error I'm afraid). Guess I'll have to wait until tonight to see if I missed anything vital..
    thanks for the comment and all the best.