Monday, June 4, 2012

Was that Martha's barge I saw in the Royal Flotilla?

please note that no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

I could be mistaken but I could have sworn I saw Martha's barge swanning down the Thames in the Royal Flotilla yesterday. I think it was sandwiched between the Canadian canoe and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. (I haven't been so keyed up about a nautical event since Tony Gordon threw Roy Cropper into the canal - ed).

Or not.

Anyway, the point is with more than 1,000 vessels punting their way along the river, the famous SS Legover must have been in there somewhere - while Ken, Eccles and Deirdre watched from the shore. As I'm sure you recall, Ken happened upon the charming narrow boat and its comely captain by chance (while walking the dog along the canal) and thence started a torrid meeting of minds and eventually bodies. Martha, an amateur thespian with a penchant for dry wine and wet lips, had it off with Ken. Eccles was not amused. Neither was Deirdre (we were not amused either - ed).

Speaking of famous boats, I must say I was more than a little disappointed that the iconic Corrie frigate, 'Gail Force', was excluded from the watery pageant. Gail Force, acquired by Joe McIntyre and named in honour of. Gail Platt, was mostly parked in the driveway of the Platt house until it became the focal point of a most unfortunate nautical incident which resulted in Joe's death.

One other vessel missing from the flotilla was the submarine which Peter Barlow and Ciaran served on, the HMS Bladdered. Of course, maybe it was in the flotilla and I just didn't see it.

Meanwhile, back on dry land, our thoughts return to Frank 'the Vole' Foster.  He appears to be dead and the list of possible murderers is, well, longer than the number of boats in the Royal Flotilla. Time to call Weatherfield CSI... again.

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