Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beyoncé & Tom Jones doing a Jubilee legover

please note this post makes reference to the July 24 episode on CBC

the story so far...Jubilee celebrations are in full swing on the Street, Dennis has been secretly talking to his old fiance, Karl and Sunita are at it again, Tommy and Tina are at their breaking point trying to cope with the loan shark, Rita is whisked away under false pretenses by the evil loan shark.  

It's nice to see celebrations in full swing on the Street even though I'd prefer to see a "drug-free Jubilee" but that seems to be out of the question with Tommy still carrying out orders for the evil loan shark/drug lord, Rick. Meanwhile, almost everyone on the Street is getting into the spirit of the Jubilee by dressing up as a celebrity.

Miss a few?

Here's a list so far:

Anna       ► Dolly Parton
Faye        ► Sporty Spice (under duress)
Owen      ►Kenny Rogers
Dev         ► Adam Ant (I think)
Sunita      ► Beyoncé
Stella       ► Dusty Springfield
Karl        ► Tom Jones
Eva         ► Madonna (aka 'the not-much-material girl')
Beth       ► Britney Spears (after carbs)
Craig      ►Meatloaf
Steve      ► John Lennon (not Sonny Bono)
Tracy      ► Cher
Maria      ► Marie Osmond
Marcus   ► Donny Osmond
Liam jr    ► Jimmy Osmond
Sean       ► Freddie Mercury (not Elvis)
Jason      ► Elvis

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