Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding # 92 on Coronation Street

please note this post makes reference to the July 25 episode on CBC

the story so far... the hotpot is rightfully returned to its place of birth at the Rovers, Rita is temporarily 'detained' but makes it to the her wedding with Dennis, Rick the drug dealer/loan shark is thwarted by the combined efforts of Tina and Kirsty, Simon has been stealing from the kids at school, Jubilee celebrations conclude with a wedding dinner on the street, Owen and Anna are off for a spa weekend and Faye is cool with it.  

According to Wikipedia , Rita and Dennis' marriage at the registry office marks the 92nd time that a couple has tied the knot on Street. And, I'm pleased to say that everything went off without a hitch. Oh, sure there were a few hiccups. First, I thought Rita was being eaten alive by a large white mollusk but, phew, on second glance, I realized it was her dress.

Then there was the duplicitous Dennis, communicating with his former flame on the sly. And, of course, there was that little detour organized by the ever-playful Rick which resulted in Rita's life being threatened by the vicious drug dealer. It was a standoff on the waterfront. If Tina tossed the drugs into the canal, Rick threatened to push Rita into the drink.

As the old saying goes, Bride cometh before a fall... or something like that.

Anyhoo, long story short. Rita was fine and got a lift in a cop car. She made the ceremony in the nick of time, while Rick was escorted by the cops to do his time in the nick. Artisanal vows were exchanged at the registry office and bride and groom were dutifully pronounced husband and wife.

Perhaps the nicest touch was the entrance tune, "On the Street Where You Live" from "My Fair Lady", a fitting musical tribute to two people who have known each other for so many years and now have a chance for happiness in the autumn of their years.

May they live long and prosper.  

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