Friday, July 20, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Hottie's Hot Hot Pot edition

please note this post makes reference to the July 20 episode on CBC

the story so far... Sophie knows summat's up with Karl and Sunita, Eileen decides to attend Leslie's funeral, more aggrov between Peter and Leanne over Simon and more to come as it's revealed that Carla tried to bribe Leanne to move away, Ty and Kirsty are going to try and make it work, Tommy is up to his eyeballs with Rick the loan shark, Marcus' latest attempt to find a man for Maria falls flat. 

Looks like there's no man available for poor Maria... unless... just a sec... how about someone with a steady job, good looks, a nice car, a career with prospects and strong ties to Coronation Street? (go on... ed). Well, he's the strong, masterful type, self-employed and even appreciates the occasional joke. Only one small snag... he's a vicious loan shark. (Is he single? - ed). 

Oh well, I guess there's always Norris (check with Mary first -ed). But that's enough mithering. The highlight of the week was Eva's cooking confidential experiment where the hot pot got really, well, hot. Talk about a Tabasco Fiasco™ Nuff said. Let's have a round-up of some of the lines of the week in this week's TGIF, Tony Gordon, It's Friday.

Kevin to Dev as he looks around the apartment above the shop:
"Smells a bit musty"
(that must be Karl's after shave)

Gail reads aloud from the newspaper report of the hotpot fiasco
"The mayor got more than he bargained for at the Rotary Club annual dinner when his extra hot, hot pot landed in his lap"
(must be a slow news day)

Nick tries to strike up a conversation with an attractive customer:
"I used to live in Canada"
(Canada you say? Pity)

Karl tries to figure out Sunita's flirtatious behaviour
"Are you trying to mess with my head?"
(er.. not your head exactly...)

Simon gives a description of Carla to the social worker:
"She looks like a witch"
(... but to be fair, she has never actually used a broom)

faced with intellectual property theft, Lewis proposes a new name for the hot pot:
"We could easily have called it the Weatherfield Warmer"
(er, yeah, keep working on that Lewis and don't call us, we'll call you)

The Weatherfield Mayor is flirting with Audrey at Nick's Bistro
"Is it a restaurant you're running or a time machine?"
(given the wait time for your entree, a time machine would be handy)

Stella is outraged by Sean's defection to Nick's Bistro along with the hot pot recipe:
"Betty's hot pot is the intellectual property of the Rovers"
(speaking of intellectual property, has anyone seen Kirk lately?)

Stella comments on Dev's musical taste:
"I didn't know you liked ABBA?"
(given Karl and Sunita's antics, the song "SOS" seems somehow appropriate)

Well, Corrie Comrades, the week is almost over and the hot pot has featured large this week. And the timeless morals of the Street seem to be playing out... i.e. playing away gets you caught out (Sunita/Karl); crime doesn't pay (Tommy) and there's no hot pot like a Rovers Hot Pot. Hope you had a good week and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I'll meet you here next week for more of the Hip. Cheers! 

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