Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coronation Street dictionary: emasculate

please note this post makes reference to the July 10 episode on CBC

the story so far... Kirsty is adjusting to life at Underworld and makes friends with Fiz, Sunita and Karl engage in legover activity, David is drowning his sorrows in lager, Paul takes Leslie out of the care home and Terry has new plans for Seventh Heaven which include accelerant and an open flame -- but Tina gets in the way and a scuffle ensues.

Karl doesn't like the way Stella is treating him and tells Steve. Steve supplies the mot juste for what Karl is experiencing. Let's consult the Coronation Street dictionary to see what it means...

EM-ASC-ULATE   Pronunciation /iˈmaskyəˌlāt/
seldom utilized except by Ken Barlow (as in "I 'm going to the library, Deirdre, I am not going to take Eccles for a walk as that would emasculate me.") 
Coined by Norris Cole during his interminable marriage to the legendary harpy, Angela. Manchester-area dialect origins unknown (ask Roy Cropper or the Weatherfield Historical Society)
14th century (first used by Jack Walker in reference to pub landlady and wife Annie Walker, I believe)
1:  make an individual weaker or less effective as in Steve McDonald's first marriage to Karen

2: deprive a man of his role or identity as in Steve McDonald's second marriage to Karen

3:  to symbolically or physically remove a male's reproductive organs as in Steve McDonald's relationship with Tracy Barlow

See also dictionary entry for 'vacation'

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