Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coronation Street's Desperate Housewife

please note this post makes reference to the July 16 episode on CBC

Not since the global condemnation of New Coke, James Blunt and Crocks has there been such widespread disapproval on this scale. I'm talking, of course, about Sunita Allahan and her sudden transformation into a cross between Mae West and Eartha Kitt (what's wrong with that? - ed).

There seems to be general agreement in Corrieland that this transformation of Sunita from her previous persona as wife, mother and corner shop specialist into Supervamp is unpopular, uncredible and undesirable. Why would a sensible woman and loving mom suddenly gamble her kids, her marriage and her life for a sordid leg over with a gambling addict? Why does her wardrobe now only consist of low cut tops? Why are her pants painted on? Why is she role-playing sex games with Karl ("I'll be the sexy love-starved vixen, you pretend to be a taxi driver... oh wait a sec, you are a taxi driver" - ed)

Our receptionist, Abby Downton, is the lone voice of support for Sunita's sudden transformation. Abby says that Sunita is discovering her sexuality, escaping from that confined, repressive relationship with the selfish Dev, establishing her independence by working at the Rovers and taking a risk to feel alive.

Yes, yes. yes.

I get it. That's all well and good, but with Karl?  Let's face it: he's not exactly oozing animal magnetism (unless that animal happens to be a hamster - ed)

One thing is for certain. This dangerous, va-va-voom, sex game which Sunita is playing is going to end badly. It's only a matter of time before she's caught out by one leg over too many. And, wait till Dev says: "Hey, honey, guess who's coming to dinner?"

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