Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two words for Peter Barlow

please note this post makes reference to the August 1 episode on CBC

No, not those two words... although admittedly they are appropriate.

Olympic Plank?

Now you're getting warmer. No, all profanities aside, sometimes I wonder just how many functioning brain cells Barlow the Younger actually has. Let's review. First, he was fighting tooth and nail to prevent Leanne from seeing Simon and waging an ugly fight for custody. Then he started banning everyone from seeing Simon. The list started with Leanne but was expanded to include Ken and Deirdre and, I dunno, perhaps even several Olympic badminton teams (I lost track).

That Mensa-grade move proved to be about as effective as Boris Johnson on a zip line.

Next move? Well, Simon was obviously very unhappy so Professor Barlow's solution was to turn the young lad completely over to Leanne. Now Simon is less miserable but Peter (surprise, surprise) is very miserable. And, when he wants to take Simon out for a burger, Leanne says "no".  So that didn't work out very well either.

Next brainiac move?  Threaten Nick Tilsley in a dark alley because Nick is getting back together with Leanne and Peter thinks Nick is trying to play Daddy Dearest. Peter doesn't like that idea of course and yet, when Peter sees Simon in the cafe, he (get this) declines an offer to join Simon and Nick for breakfast. Does he want to see Simon or not? What's the difference between a burger and a full English anyway? (about 590 gms of cholesterol I believe - ed).  Yet another stellar move by PB!

Back in the flat, Peter is left to stew in his own juices while his son is playing happy families - with another family. The irony of it all is that Peter (if he weren't so bull headed) could easily solve all this aggro with a little common sense. Which brings me to those two words: shared custody.

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