Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome back to Coronation Street... Ryan?

please note this post makes reference to the August 14 episode on CBC

It's been two long years (in CST - Coronation Street Time) since Michelle's lovable, mop-top son went North to explore academics, music and the exciting life of an Indie musician. So, as we watched yesterday's episode, our cafeteria lady (Sue Vide) jumped off the couch and pointed her finger at the screen accusingly. "What on earth happened to Ryan?" she said.

Perhaps someone should have questioned him thusly:

- Ryan, your voice has changed? What's wrong?
- Oh I just took up smoking that's all. All musicians do that. It's all good except when it results in a fire. Oops.

- Ryan, you've cut your hair. I can see your ears.
- All the better to hear the ladies when I'm on the pull (which appears to be all the time, even with Sophie who, you know, plays for the other team)

- Ryan, your eyes are so big
- All the better to see the lovely ladies in Coronation Street and chat them up (except Michelle, of course, since I'm told that she's me mum).

- Ryan, your teeth are so sharp and pointy
- All the better to eat the hot pot at the Rovers and the full English at Roy's. Besides, haven't you heard of the Twilight series? Sharp, pointy teeth are all the rage.

- Ryan, your...
- No further questions

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