Friday, September 28, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the High and Dry edition

please note this post makes reference to the September 27 episode on CBC

Well, well, if that Dave isn't a fine specimen of English manhood in its prime, I don't know what is. And, now that Beth has given him a Guinness shampoo, I believe he's available. Ladies, don't all call  at once (collect, 'natch - ed), there's plenty of Dave to go round (unfortunately - ed).  Please line up to the right of the sheepskin rug -- and take a peek at this week's round up of some of the memorable lines from your favourite show as we unveil yet another TGIF (Tony Gordon, It's Friday). Let's do it:

Gloria recounts her wild days in Spain with her paramour:
"Sometimes me and Cliff spent all day in our appartment au naturel"
(Whatever that is, it ain't natural)

Gloria tells Gail about her exceptional cleaning abilities:
"You've never seen a Spanish bottom"
(what a bummer)

Lloyd tells Dev the acronoym for the band, Oldham Funk Outfit
(O NO)

Gail suggests to Nick a word for killing his grandmother in law
(a job for the Special Victims Unit no doubt)

Beth is showing Fiz photos of her online dating beaus:
"I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for dropping bread crumbs"
(sounds like an economical bed and breakfast) 

Gail discovers the name of the dry cleaners where Gloria worked:
"High and Dry"
 (looks like the Pain in Spain worked mainly on the Stains)   

Cliff recounts how Gloria burned down the dry cleaners:
"Word soon gets around you’re a suspected arsonist"
(yes, I imagine it spreads like wild fire)

Cliff describes to Gail his passion for Gloria
"She’s a total fantasist, I rather like that"
(too much information) 

Tommy to Tina regarding her plans for surrogacy:
"Your biological clock must be ticking faster I thought"
 (It's on EST - Eastern Surrogate Time)

Beth brags about her irresistible feminine wiles: 
"I'm basically a man magnet"
(yeah, she tends to attract guys with metal plates in their head)

Beth tries to chat with Dave:
"Where do you see yourself in ten years time?" 
(in jail?)

Dave proposes that he and Beth have a bit of action on a rug:
"It’s a nice sheepskin rug. It's not real but it looks it "
(you're still talking about the rug, right?)

Dave confronts Kirk who comes to the rescue of Beth:
"Local asylum’s been let out has it ?"
(yes, but that's beside the point)


Well, lovers of Corrie, it looks like Kirk has a soft spot... er.. for Beth. It also looks like Gloria's past isn't as exciting as she would have us believe. And, Rita seems suitably shocked by Tina's willingness to be a surrogate.  Also, Lloyd seems to be on the verge of yet another unrequited love. To paraphrase Barry Manilow: "Oh Mandy". Have a great weekend and I'll see you all next week here at Blanche's Polish Hip. Cheers!

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