Friday, September 21, 2012

TGIF: the sticky toffee pudding edition

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 20 episode on CBC

It looks like the "toy boy" gene has been passed down from Deirdre (with Samir) to Tracy (with Ryan). Charles Darwin would be proud to see unnatural selection taking place right before his eyes. As for the toy boys themselves, well, just think of it as the survival of the fittest - and let's face it, Ryan is fit (if not thick also - ed). But enough about evolution and genetics, let's get to Tony Gordon It's Friday (or TGIF), our weekly homage to some of the memorable lines:

Gloria happens upon Ken who is wearing his trademark kimono:
"What a smashing robe!"
(yes, he got it from a thespian ex-lover in a barge on the canal)

Gloria meets Ken the next morning:
"I almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on"
(you'd be surprised how many times someone's said that)

Rita has had enough of Tommy and Tina:
"The pair of you have less sense than a rocking horse"
(that's an insult to the rocking horse community)

Gloria trumpets her progressive attitudes:
"People do say I have a warm, gay friendly aura"
(oh, so that's what it is)

Gloria tells Stella the facts about men:
"Any man, given the opportunity, because of the randy, weak-willed pigs they are, will take it."
(hard to argue with that)

Gloria again:
"A relationship isn't just time served, its hard graft and even harder for a woman of your age and bust size"
(in other words, to keep a man, Stella will have to either increase her bust size or get younger - or both)

Steve (like Michelle) is nauseous at the sight of Ryan and Tracy canoodling:
"I pukey"
(and We Pukey too)

Tracy reacts to Steve who is vacuuming during Ryan and Tracy's date:
"Only mad people Hoover on a Sunday night"
(Apparently King George III did it every week)

Deirdre warns Ken that he is in danger of not participating in a gastronomic event:
"You're going to miss me stuffed marrow"
(Don't worry, I'm sure it will show up on Google Maps)

Deirdre, seeing Tracy and Ryan, reminisces about her own romances:
"I used to have a toy boy"
(please, not while we're eating sticky toffee pudding)

Deirdre again:
"Tracy's got one of his kidneys"
(Dear God, I hope she means a transplant)


Well, dear punters and punterettes, it's the end of another week and, surprise, surprise, Tommy and Tina are in further in debt. Kirsty has had a baby. Gloria is hitting her stride. The Armstrong/Windass surrogacy plan may be in jeopardy. And Tracy's toy boy scheme is still going strong. It's been quite a week. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. It's been a treat having you visit and I'll meet you here next week for more mithering from the Hip. Cheers and have a great weekend. 

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