Monday, October 22, 2012

In defence of Ken Barlow

please note: this post makes reference to the October 19 episode on CBC

Oh come on Deirdre! Don't be so damn unreasonable! Poor Ken is just trying his best to improve the British educational system for the benefit of Amy and Simon and hundreds of other children. Chairman Ken realizes that the Department of Education may oversee the system, but it is local school governors like him who must take responsibility for policy - and playing away - at the school level.

Has he been having cozy chats with WFC (Wendy Flaming Crozier)? Yes. Do they share wistful memories of old times? Of course. Will they be having a quick legover during discussions about biomass boilers? Probably. But the point is, it's all for a good and noble cause: the improvement of British education.

Sure, Ken has been lying to you but that's the price you pay for a Board of Governors which is grappling with shrinking school budgets, tough choices and library books. Think of his civic duty. Think of the moral imperative. Yes, it may be true that Ken has had a few tawdry affairs in his time (11 plus? - ed), but that doesn't mean he can't work side by side with Wendy in a professional manner.

Let's assume that Ken has learned his lesson. After all, he is spending most of his time in school.

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